1-a Dione

  1. 1-a Dione

    Does anyone have any of the original 1-ad dione version they would be willing to part with, or know of a place that still has any in stock? This would be a big help bros.

  2. The secret ingredient?

    j/k bro,

  3. Damn you got me.....j/k ..... **** i am taking so much heat for this.....well i guess it serves me right......
    The 1adione isnt for the topical its actually for some unrelated type tests. Dione vs. Diol Etc. that I am going to put together.

  4. On bb.com Patrick Arnold said that the dione version had too many side effects

  5. True but Bill W. would disagree... this has been a long debate with them. Go read the latest version of mind and muscle magazine... someone breaks down their arguments..

  6. Yep...his is why I need it , its nice having access to a biochem lab when you want to do some tests ..... i want to find out some more about this diol/dione argument.... but I have to find some 1-adione first.


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