tren dosage help

  1. tren dosage help

    How many cc's is 75mgs? Also not sure about the coversion of EQ 400mg is that 2cc.

  2. did you make your own tren? if so how much tren and how much oil did you use? divide how much tren by how much oil. if you had 4 grams of tren and 40ml of oil then you'd have 100mg/ml.

  3. listen to this man he knows his arithmetic

  4. you can't say how many CC is 75mg...your talking about volume and mass...

    1CC = 1ML

    The amount of milligrams per millileter is determind by the amount of material dissolved in the amount of liquid.

    As for your EQ that is 400mg for 2 CCs, that means that you have gear that is 200mg per ml.

    Making sense?

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