Epi pulse + time of dosage

  1. Epi pulse + time of dosage

    Hi folks,

    I am going to be starting a epi pulse in a week or two.
    Everything is nailed down and ready to go but I am unsure
    of time to take it.

    I work for myself and have a very up and down schedule. My best lifts are at night and thats seems to be when I can go lift..when the baby is asleep, done with work etc.

    How should I take epi during a pulse with this schedule? I have read that you should not take it after 6pm and should split the dosage with the majority pre but some post workout.

    For example if I were taking 30mwf should I follow [email protected] 6am when I wake up then [email protected] 11 during lunch and then take the final 10 at around 10 pm after my lift?

  2. for pulsing its 1/2 the dose pre workout, 1/2 the dose post workout. If its odd, take more pre-workout.

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