Shutdown/ No Balls

  1. Shutdown/ No Balls

    Need some serious help here
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    I was running a havoc cycle but stopped in 2 weeks cause i didnt really like it, I switched over to dianabol for 2 more weeks but couldnt get ahold of nolvedex so i stopped

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    My balls shrunk really bad and i had ZERO sex drive, i did take ALRI venom for 2 days for studying purposes which i heard ruins ur sex drive

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    I didnt post cycle therapy cause i couldnt get nolvedex, and its been 3 weeks and i feel im back to normal again but my question is is there a way to run a dbol cycle and still be able to get wood and have a sex drive? like running powerFULL with it or some other test booster? Or should i just get viagra and keep it handy for when i need it? Please help

  2. What you need to do is get ahold of a serm and run a proper post cycle therapy. What you have done is a definite

  3. I know, but i thought i could get nolvedex by the time my cycle was over, well lesson learned in having it before u start ur cycle... oh well ill keep searching though

  4. You could get your hands on dbol but not nolva?

    YOu are not going to be able to prevent shutdown really when you run a cycle, it's pretty much a given. YOu can definitely do your body a favor though and run a proper pct.

  5. I'm not going to tell you to get a SERM, because that's ILLEGAL... But damn dude - you have to have EVERYTHING on hand BEFORE you even start a cycle.

    Legal post cycle therapy - Post Cycle Support by AI - or Derm Sustain

  6. yeah man looks like you learned the hard way. about libido on cycle, some compounds kill libido more than others, looks like those were just bad for you. Most people aren't shut down that bad after 4 weeks. Take Cialis or something to "get it up" on cycle if you're having that problem.

  7. is it normal to not be able to get an erection on cycle? is that wat shutdown is?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by lewisfitness View Post
    is it normal to not be able to get an erection on cycle? is that wat shutdown is?

    Well think about it... you're taking an exogenous hormone... in this case Dbol and Epi, which due to it's androgenic characteristics shuts down your bodies natural testosterone production. Dbol and Epi will NOT have all the same effects as real testosterone (be it yours or injected). Keeping a healthy libido is one of those effects. Thats why in the future, you may want to include a low dose (250mg/week) of test in your next cycles to keep a healthy libido. it will also help contribute to gains. Some will swear by proviron while on cycle to keep their **** workin. Hope that helps - HTTC

  9. Quote Originally Posted by lewisfitness View Post
    is it normal to not be able to get an erection on cycle? is that wat shutdown is?
    Lol, many compounds will cause a loss in libido. This does not necessarily mean you are shut down, it can be completely unrelated. I think you need to do quite a bit more research before you decide to cycle again. You might want to check out the pulsing thread if shutdown is your concern. If you're concerned about libido on cycle then you probably should look into other compounds. And get your PCT BEFORE you decide to run a cycle next time.

  10. Estrogen plays a big role in libido, as does the thyroid.


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