first injection will be 1-test

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  1. first injection will be 1-test

    just got my 1-test. I figured i would get the injectable form just to give it a shot see if i can take it. Got BDC topical coming too but i like to experiment.
    Wish me luck bros! Ill let everyone know how it went tomorrow. Oh i will try it in the glutes first. Ive heard that the delts are a good spot for it but we'll see.

  2. I heard its like getting dropkicked by god.

  3. Wow man, I haven't done it but heard it's referred to as "liquid anthrax" or something like that. I'll stick to transdermal

  4. i guess ill be in store for a drop kick.

    **** i say anything is worth trying once

  5. ok people im totally confused right now. I just shot 1 cc of 1-test. During the shot i felt no pain what so ever. Can this be? I mean this stuff was sopposed to be from some good bros and i still suspect they are. But a pain free 1-test shot? As excited i am, i am very skeptacle. Woulnt more people be talking about this?
    I tasted it it had i mild bitter taste to it. the after taste was nasty too. After the injection it felt like a charlie horse on my ass and down my leg while a rubbed on it. Keep in mind this was my first injection ever so i have no idea what it feels like when injecting fake ****.
    Did i just inject vegetable oil?

  6. did you get it from dazed?

  7. Originally posted by Ibench800
    I heard its like getting dropkicked by god.
    Thats one of the funniest lines ive read in a while...

  8. Bro some companies are now coming out with inj 1test. A lot of people are reporting it's painless so it's not that uncommon. As long as you got it from trusted people then enjoy and thank your lucky stars. Best of luck with your cycle. late J

  9. Im not sure who dazed is.

    Still one day later i have no pain. Just a bruse like feeling. If this is good **** i can definatly bare it.

  10. Where did  you get it?

  11. 1-test cyp is not suppossed to be painful. That is what you have i assume.

  12. its not the cyp its the regular base

  13. It should hurt then. Do a search on injectable 1 test in a couple of forums. The vast majority all agree it hurts like a bitch when using test base. I have even read some that stated the cyp hurts more then the average poke. And I believe dazes **** now is cyp not base and is a lot milder then the regular cyp poke.

    Figure out how to test it. Im sure youll come up with something.

    Maybe your just tougher then the average tough guy and you have no sensation of pain. To test, Cut off you finger with a dule rusty knife, if it hurts you feel pain and your just average tough guy... and your shooting babby ****!


  14. rub it in your eyes and see if it burns

  15. Did you make it yourself or buy it pre-made?

  16. Id like to know what the matrix is... % BA? BB? does it use PEG-400?

  17. What potencey was the injection

    50mg/1ml ????

    this should be a sticky, I think theres alot of questions needing to be answered on 1-test injectable results

  18. As soon as we get some answers, we can compile a thread about 1-test injectables...until then, this thread really hasn't done anything...


  19. He told me via PM that his 1-test was from

  20. Then he should be good.


  21. yeah the potency is 50ml/mg

    My second injection was yesterday i did the other glute i decided to up the dose to 1 1/2cc. still absolutly no pain. Seemed to be much more bruising pain then just the 1cc, but that is cake. Today im going to hit my delts. It should be cake.

  22. hey guys after my injection in the delt, i massauged(spellcheck lol) my delt and i was getting shooting pains down my arm for about 20 minuted after the injection. It was only while i was rubbing it or when i would lift it over my head. The same pain i was getting in my glutes but a little more extreme.

    I am doing something wrong here?

  23. For your sake, I hope not. But thats why I try and avoid needles as much as possible. Once there under the skin you dont know what the **** is going on. And especially if your even having second thoughts about what your injecting. Damnnnnnnn!


  24. well im not questioning the sterility. To me that is the most important variable. Im am only in question as if this is really 1-test. Well i guess ill find out, cuase the mods i emailed didnt respond seemed a little fishey that they didnt. I also emailed a mod over at the board they own. So i dont wont to point any fingers as of yet.

  25. Good luck in getting an answer bro. Have you looked into any test products for 1-test. If there is such a thing. To bad Chemo haulin ass he would probably have a way to check.



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