first injection will be 1-test

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  1. accually one mod was cool enough to get back to me, he said he will look into it for me.

    Where could i find a test product for 1-test?

  2. That is fairly normal pain for a first timer delt injection....

  3. Originally posted by whosyourdaddy02
    That is fairly normal pain for a first timer delt injection....
    Thanks bro. I feel a little better. I wish i knew if this **** is good to go though.

  4. I should clarify.....I read the post too fast... I would be a little concerned with the shooting pain. Has it stopped completely? Does anything feel numb?


  5. Well, let see, you're injecting 1-test base which is suppossed to be painful. The hormone is crystalizing in your body, i'd move on to a different type of injection if i were you. The company you ordered from is top knotch IMO but i still wouldn't reccomend that particular product to anyone, especially since you could make 1-test cyp for cheaper and it'd last you a lot longer!

  6. nothing feels numb that i can recall. It goes away after a few hours and just becomes like a bruising type feeling for the next few days. The soreness in my glute are gone. My shoulders still hurt a little and my thigh, that i did yesterday.

    Hey chemist, what did you mean by the hormone is crystalizing in your body. Also what type of injeciton are you opposing and what do you recomend.

  7. Well, a hormone needs to stay completely dissolved in a solvent and dispersed through the body for there to be no pain. Once injecting, if the solvent you are using washes away then the hormone, will recrystalize and you will get pain. I don't know the exact definition but that's a good idea of what happens. Benzyl alcohol and benzyl benzoate are usually a good combo to keep dissolved aswell as keeping pain to a minimal as you can limit the ba to only 5% or so. This doesn't work for everything but a lot of hormones it will.

  8. Wow, this is interesting. Keep us up to date on this little "experiment" goes and let us know if you start to feel the 1-test working.

  9. ok a little updat on how things are going.
    Im on day 12 of 1-test base using everyday inj
    Im also finishing up dbol that i started 3 weeks ago

    on the second time around hitting the same injection spot. the pain is healing quicker and is better the next day. I have experianced no burn pain but only bruising type pain.

    Ive been injecting 1.5cc at 50mg/ml which is 75mg ED. Tomarrow is my last day on dbol 25mg ED. So far up 11lbs no water a small increase, if any, in bf%. Im running ldex at .75 for the dbol. Strength is way up.

    Im not sure if the 1-Test has kicked in yet being only day 12. I guess well se once i stop the dbol.

    Feeling very lazy all day sometimes, but in the gym i am a monster. Each time i hit the next bodypart i see improvement. Going very well so far.

    Ive been eating 6-8 times a day every 2-3 hours very clean. Before starting 184lbs now 195lbs. Again well see after the dbol gets cut out.

  10. ok peeps... just got back from the gym.

    Im on day 19. weighed in at 198lbs today. Im 5'11''

    Since dropping the dbol i see more definition in my abs and chest. I also feel better, aggression is up more. I dont know why, but when i was on dbol i felt like a ***** and i was tired like all the time. i also feel hungrier now. But it doesnt matter cause ill eat

    the 1-test has to be doing it job here cause i have lost no strength yet and no weight.

    since starting the cycle:
    Incline bench w/db:70lbs for 10 to 85lbs for 8(i do incline bench first, for about 3 months, cause my upper chest sucks) and might i add that it is working great.
    everything has improved but that is the one i am most impressed with. Its nothing special but im proud so **** it.

    My goal when starting this cycle was to stat dbol before the 1-test and run it for 21days. I started the 1-test on the 14th day so that when im was done with the dbol the 1-test would just about be kicking in. i used the 1-test sustain the wieght i gained with the dbol. I wanted to keep 10lbs after post cycle. So far im up 14lbs

    also i havent had any trouble with water weight and i stopped running ldex after the dbol. Im feeling pretty hard at the gym.

  11. also i look forward to injecting everyday. i dont know why.

    To all that are scared of injection:
    i was pretty scared of needles at first. once you do you'll be like that was so easy. Seriously i feel more comfortable injecting myself then letting my doc do it.

    Just do the proper sanitation and your good to go!

  12. Glad to hear everything is going well for you bro. You up 14lbs thats not to shabby Keep eating and keep gaining, later J


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