Need Help With Synovex-to-Test

  1. Need Help With Synovex-to-Test

    I read Jweave's post on the conversion and it looked simple enough, thought i'd give it a try. I ordered Synovex-H online and got two bottles of Heet (yellow bottles), Red Devil Lye, and 3 one gallon glass jars. Got everything together, poured Heet into a large 1gal jar and dumped in the syno pellets. The pellets dissolved in about 2 hours, so far so good.

    I filtered out the binder using coffee filter and no matter how many times I filtered (tried 3 times), the solution still looked a little cloudy not clear like water. No matter, I mixed up the Sodium Hydroxide solution as instructed and pour it into the the syno/Heet mix. Within a few seconds the whole solution turns yellow (like piss after taking a huge multi-vitamin). I let it sit for almost a whole day and it still was very yellow. Is the solutions supposed to look yellow??? Did I put in too much Sodium Hydroxide???

    Not knowing what to do, I proceeded on. I decided on the Wardog method and rigged up a plastic half gallon container and let it drip all nite. The next morning, I can see what looks like clouds of white stuff (I assume that this is Test base) inside yellow piss. I filtered it out using coffee filter and I now have a bunch of yellow Test. I've been rinsing it with a gallon of water so far and it still looks yellow.

    Is this stuff still good or should I throw it away and start over? If the problem was that I added too much Sodium Hydroxide, is there anything I can do to fix this batch?? Would re-desolving it in Heet and re-crystalizing help??

    Jweave23's post on the conversion:

  2. im interested in this as well..

  3. I ran 2 gals of water thru the filtered test and now the water is clear, however the test is off-white. I think my problem was that I just added too much Sodium Hydroxide. I just ordered some ph strips just to be sure.

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