Professional Endurance Athletes and Steroids

  1. Professional Endurance Athletes and Steroids

    In the recent years, a couple of big names have really hit the board for "dopers", and I'll use the name Marion Jones and of course the allegations against Lance Armstrong where he was proved innocent in court.

    What substances were they using? I know this sounds awfully strange, but I'm looking for those same substances (of course staying legal). I don't get screened for drugs, and I'm looking to push myself to bring down my 5K and 10K times. However every time I consider an anabolic compound, blood pressure and cramping are the main sides (H-Drol, P-Plex).

    With the recent restocking of designer steroids on NP, I'm considering giving one of them a go. But I don't have the slightest clue which would benefit an endurance athlete. They all claim that their purpose is to slab on mass and weight strength, where I'm a runner (and a crossfitter) who is looking for increased recovery and endurance to train harder and more often.

    Please don't take this as an attempt to look for real steroids! lol... through NP's restock, I'm considering going with one of them.

  2. Have you considered peptides? They work well with muscle recovery. Also give Clen or Albuterol a try, they work well with opening up the lungs and recovery. Massive amounts of bcaa.
    I can also recommend the NHA stack with powerfull thrown in. Alot green tea extract, cordicepts. Pharm grade hong jing tian, Also known as tibetan rhodiola. This is great for maintaining Red blood cell production once you reach your threshold zone or 75% max hr. Im an endurance athlete who competes.

  3. 1,4ad = increase in RBC

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Hank Vangut View Post
    1,4ad = increase in RBC
    Interesting... would this be an advisable compound though for an endurance athlete? I'd assume its geared towards more mass and weight training strength gains. Would there be anything I would need to worry about when considering intense cardio with 1,4AD? I have cycled before, but that was back in the day when all I cared about was increasing my big three (bench/deadlift/squat).

    Edit - Preston, many thanks for the reply - PM'ing you with a few more Q's, thanks a lot

    I also did find this BTW - Phosphatidylserine... ever hear of it? Endurance Training with Phosphatidylserine

  5. Edit - Preston, many thanks for the reply - PM'ing you with a few more Q's, thanks a lot

    Im also an endurance athlete. I'm a middle distance runner what peptides would anyone here recommends ostarine perhaps. I can't find any legit sites that sell aas for endurance athletes. I'm at the sub elite level living in southern California anyone here live in the area that could help.



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