Hows this PP/SD Furazadrol Look?

  1. Hows this PP/SD Furazadrol Look?

    Week 1: 20mg P Plex,
    Week 2: 30mg P Plex, 100mg Furazadrol
    Week 3: 30mg P Plex, 150mg Furazadrol
    Week 4: 30mg P Plex-10mg Mdrol, 150mg Furazadrol
    Week 5: 20mg Mdrol, 200mg Furazadrol
    Week 6: 20mg Mdrol, 250mg Furazadrol

    Week 7: 50mg Tamox, R-XT,
    Week 8: 50mg Tamox, R-XT,
    Week 9: 25mg Tamox, R-XT,
    Week 10: 25mg Tamox, R-XT,
    Week 11: 25mg Tamox, R-XT,
    WeeK 12: 25mg Tamox, R-XT,

    RYR, HawthorneB, coQ10, Sawpalmetto. will follow cycle to PCT
    perfect cycle during cycle.

  2. That's just crazy... What do you have for your PCT?

  3. tamox 50/50/25/25/25/25
    AX - Rebound XT or Advanced PCT, which should I go for? I have both. I also have Inhibit-E.
    All supporting sups.
    What else do you feel is a necessity? or a good precaution?

    besides whats listed, dont wanna my liver. even though it looks like its what im trying to do.

    I was thinking even 3 weeks pp then bridge w/ mdrol for a total 5 weeks.

  4. I don't know man - it just seems like a lot more harm then good. Why not just run 1 solo? M-Drol is highly toxic, let alone stacking it with another methyl and running Tam.

  5. What are some other stacks w mdrol

  6. Really, I say either run PP and Furz or just M-Drol.

  7. Run just the PP and the SD and you'll be good. The cycle you posted above looks pretty harsh as far as your liver is concerned..

  8. ok. here, ill do this. use the winztrol w/ m-drol save the furaza w/ PP ill be styling. I started pre-load on milk,coq10,RYR, hawthorn, sawP

  9. I agree with matthew, go with either the PP and Furz or just m-drol, i think that a too harsh of a cycle. its not worth the sides.

  10. 6 wks pct is not necessary. 4 wks should be plenty.


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