How long before you expirenced results / sides?

  1. How long before you expirenced results / sides?

    Just curious how long it took before you saw signs of increased weight/strength/size/side effects.

    I know this depends on what/how much you are taking, but I'd like to get a general idea. I am wondering if side effects appear generally before/during/after the 'wanted' results.

    If you could post what type and how much PH you were taking before you expirenced anything, it would be helpful.

  2. bump..i am also interested in this because it always seems as if everybody has a different thing to say.

  3. hmmm 1 test/4ad takes around 2 weeks to really start seein strength and size gains

    1/4 took me till the third week and I still mainly leaned out and got stronger.

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