Hyperdrol/ Mass FX/ Retain 2 for PCT?

  1. Hyperdrol/ Mass FX/ Retain 2 for PCT?

    Hi all, I'm second week into my Halodrol cycle.

    I got my PCT covered and all the SERMS + support stocked.

    Looking through the list, I am/ will be using AX Retain 2 suring the PCT already.

    I found AX recommend a stack of Hyperdrol/ Mass FX/ Retain 2 together.

    I'd like to know if I should revise my PCT, taking SERM (nolva) and the Hyperdrol/ Mass FX/ Retain 2 stack (+support), or is that conter productive and i should stick to SERM + Retain 2 (only) + supports?


  2. You could use the Serm for the first few days and continue with the AX stack for the remainder of the post cycle therapy. Thats what I did on my last PCT and worked out well. Wish I would have had the retain as well though. Just keep the nolva on hand after the first few days if needed. Halodrol sholdn't be too suppresive. How long was the cycle?

  3. Cheers for the answer.

    The cycle is 6 weeks. 50/50/75/75/100/75.

  4. I used the same approach after a 5 week Epi Cycle and it worked well.

    Wk 1-2 Nolva
    Wk 1-4 Retain
    Wk 3-7 Mass FX and HD

  5. good options in here.

    it would def work, just also make sure you use the SERM



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