WINNY tablet question (quick one)

  1. WINNY tablet question (quick one)

    Hey bros!!!!!

    Right ill make this quick

    I want to take winny tab cycle (have ALA)

    just a question, I have natural gyno devolping now (itchy nips) im 22 had this for a while (since messing with PH for a year when 18)

    Its not severe but annoying


    Winny should not armotise, but is there any other ways it could increase my problem, like prog estrogen or any thing?? , got liqudex n the rest just in case.

    Winny is one of the AAS I have not researched, so any help much apprciated,

    thanks in advance bros

  2. I am not sure why these threads are allowed here, but wouldn't fly at any other board.
    Do your research before purchasing your cycle! Read the profiles.. cumon this is common sense. This place is turning into a joke, I see threads like this everywhere.

  3. agreed.
    too many people wanting quick answers without researching first........bump.

  4. thanks for the help!

    just trying to know as much as possible

    & I have reaserched, want some true life feed back (is that too much to ask?)

  5. You know it doesn't aromatize, so you must have read something about it. Keep reading please. In general:

    oral only cycles = not a good idea

    no, it shouldn't be the cause of gyno

    research and get some nolva for your gyno

    EBE, thanks for the vote of confidence in this board



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