Epistane and Gyno

  1. Epistane and Gyno

    Is it true that Epistane can really reduce gyno at low dosages such as 20mg? I am a little worried i may have abit of gyno and am considering running it at 20mg for a little bit if it cud help. Im not even sure I have gyno seeing as there is no lump, its just my nipples sit low on my chest and they point out a little bit

  2. Check mmowry epistane log, his dose schedule seems to have worked for him, I think he ran way more than 20/day. Also, you can find studies on line about the parent compound used to reduce/eliminate gyno. I'd look for you, but I've been f*ckin around on google all day and actually have to get some work done.~LilPsych

  3. I have a few bits on gyno in "Neoborns Epistane FAQ" in the steroid section.

    Believe the magic bullet dose was 40mg.

    Much Love,


  4. It got rid of two lumps I had. 6 week cycle, 20mg for 5 weeks and 30mg for 1 week.

  5. it helped mine subside.



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