new aussie vet products in mexico

  1. new aussie vet products in mexico

    made a trip down south today and the vet showed me these 'new' products.

    300mg/ml 10ml bottle nandrolone cypionate
    200mg/ml eq 10ml bottle
    75mg/ml winnie 50ml bottle

    now the compounds are not different but the company is.

    i didnt catch the name of the company but i did note that on each box there was a picture of a kangaroo with boxing gloves..

    can anyone name the company and if these products are legit?


  2. I have seen that particular brand before but I can not think of the company.. I do believe they are legit.. btw, please don't put prices on items makes it look like you are sourcing even if you weren't... that is the edit I did on yours

  3. Anabolic CP TP something it has two letters at the end lol. I cant remember right now exactly.

  4. It is made by Syd Group which is supposedly Jurox's new name.

  5. argh Hes right its Syd Group

  6. yes its sydgroup, they bought out jurox


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