anavar + winstrol stack

  1. anavar + winstrol stack

    i am already at the weight i want to stay at for now (195) i just need to lean out and get cut and dry. thats why i have chosen to go wth anavar/winstrol stack with PCT afterwards. i have used both compounds alone but i was just wondering if anyone has used this stack or if anyone had some info for me. will these two compound produce decent results in hardening up and cutting? or should i just stick with anavar b/c i'v had very impressive results in just 4 weeks on 80mgs of var and im lookin at a 6-8 week cycle now so is it worth it to throw winstrol in the mix?

  2. not really. you would just be adding more stress to the liver and your HDL/LDL. If you go with the 80mg var then i would say stay off the winstrol. But if you like maybe something like 25mg ed for the winny.

  3. Your better off running a low dose test with the Var or Winny. I've tried both also but prefer Winny since it adds to
    improvement to my cardio.

  4. bump.

  5. winny tabs or injectable winny? if its the tabs then no, if its injectable then go for it at 50-75mg ED.

  6. the TABS, but due to the increased stress on my liver from 2 17-AA orals, i will be taking liver cure 250mg (which is proven to help prevent/reverse damage from alcohol and steroid cycles much better than milk thistle and LIV52). i was wondering if it would harden me up and improve vascularity (currently 9% body fat) and also after recently coming off an IGF-LR3 cycle would it possibly speed up process of cell maturation. again, not looking to gain too much weight.

    "Livercure 250mg Enertic coated tabs , this is the latest discovery and only
    thing that Reverse liver damage caused drug or alchohle abuse ,forget about Milk thitsle or LIV52, we used to sell them too but they proved worthless when you on oral steroid .. Livercure tabs must be taken whole only as its enertic coated , dose is one to two tab every 8 hours through out cycle"

  7. ever look into anabolic innovations cycle support? that is the best supplement there is for type of liver, cholesterol, protects everything. i've used this during a heavy cycle and had a blood test in the middle of the cycle and everything was perfect. cholesterol was actually lower than when i started and liver enzymes were not elevated at all.

    i would suggest that product over any other.

  8. really? i've heard about that but never looked into it, not much into the supps really..but i will deff check it out considering the cholesterol aspect esp. with winny affecting it. but with all protection necessary to take both 17 aa's together would anyone think i will see some added benefits of leaning out more and more muscle hardening with adding winstrol for 6 weeks out of my 8?

  9. its quite simple, if you go with a high dose var then leave it at that. If you go with moderate to low dose of var then it would be ok to add the winny but i think an average var+average winny dose would be more harmful then a high dose var....

  10. I've never run this, but I know a lot of people will low dose Test Prop eod with Var or Winny. I think doing both Var and Win is overkill, and if both are orals, the liver damage isn't worth it.

  11. I am thinking of doing a low var and winny cycle too for 4 weeks. I just want to get a little bitten leaner and more cut - I am 6ft and 180lbs.

    Does anyone know what kind of mg - I should do?

  12. You can use anavar and winny at the same time capsules?

  13. Do you have winstrol on tabs?

  14. there used to be a pretty popular stack back in the day it was 50mg var/50mg win/25mg proviron.. ppl got good results.. but that **** will tear up your cholesterol levels!


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