cutting stack that sounds good on paper (or in head that is)

  1. cutting stack that sounds good on paper (or in head that is)

    Imagine this. I'm thinkin of running this for my next PH cycle

    This is primarily a cutting cycle, maintain lean mass while cutting that is

    1test (of course)

    liquid clen/t3, on a 3 on 3 off 3 on dosage, total of 9 weeks right there

    thermo on the 3 off to keep stimulation of the beta 2 receptors


    oral 3-alpha at 300mg a day during the whole time

    imagine that cycle! That would be awesome

    anyways, any comments?

  2. Well that cycle may be very har on the hairline whit 1 test and 3alpha. Also I hae used 3alpha orlally an didnt see much s far as results and that was 600mg a day. It would work much better IMO in a transdermal. Also, How mcuh 1 test will you be using ( Im assuming your using it transdermally) daily?

  3. my very first cycle was a 1test trans and molecular nutritions 3 alpha at 600mg a day (as advised by big cat) and i actually did see good results, it did a pretty good job of hardening me up. Also wasn't too hard on my hair, i use nizoral shampoo on a regular basis anyways, and don't have a family history of male pattern baldness. For the 1test trans, i was just gonna stick with my trusty avant labs one at probably 6 squirts twice daily. I've heard many good things about BDC, but i'm not sure if i wanna use any 4-ad, i wanted to go with strictly 1test. But we'll see

  4. Well, what you I would reccomend you do is buy a bottle of T-gel from the member store and ten go over to 1fast and get some 1test powder and 3 alpha or 3beta powder. I would do either 7 grams of each or 15grams of each in seperate gels if you have the money. This will save you alot of money versus buying ONE, an you will be getting more ProHormones. PM me and Ill give you some more Info.

  5. Originally posted by nsruffryder34
    go over to 1fast and get some 1test powder and 3 alpha or 3beta powder.
    Hey bro's just checked some old threads and Chosen 5 says he got good results w/300 mg. of 3-beta. This is a hell of a lot cheaper than 3-alpha. You may wanna PM him if you have some specific question.

  6. that would be hella cheaper. Thanks Iron Warrior

  7. Originally posted by MakaveliThaDon
    that would be hella cheaper. Thanks Iron Warrior
    No problem bro, we're here to help each other

  8. I got good results with 3beta in a transdermal, but from what i have seen it has very poor oral activity ( really really low like 1% or so). I think it would be good to puta few grams of 3 beta ad 1 test in the bdc gel ( 7 grams each) . Within the next 3 weeks im going to need someone to test out a 3beta/ 1 test transdermal I am brewing up for my website and if you want to wait Ill let you be the first one to tryit out, all you have to do is keep a log of your gains.

  9. actually i won't be starting a new PH cycle for exactly 5 more weeks. I wanna take 8 full weeks off to fully recover from the last. If you wanna wait 5 weeks i'd gladly give your new trans a test spin for you. If you need to test it out sooner than that, that's alright too, i'm sure you wont have a hard time finding a willing person


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