Epi pulse help

  1. Epi pulse help

    I see so many different ways to set up a pulse on epistane. Some people are taking their support supps on off days while some are save them for pct and other mix it up.I have on hand full bottles of epistane, x-lean, inhibit-E, liv52,hyperdrol X2. Could someone give me their best opinon on constructing a 3x week 4-5 week pulse. I also workout 5x a week,should i try to configure my big 3 to coincide with my ON days. Thanks

  2. hey av, I'm not that great at working out schemes but what i can tell ya is i would i do, which is take the inhibit-e and the x-lean everyday, the epi on the on days (obviously), and the liv52 and hyperdrol on the off days.. that should make for a pretty good environment.. but i would wait and see if someone with a little more expertise on the subject gives you their advice! good luck with your pulse as well

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