cut pain of prop.

  1. cut pain of prop.

    I like site injections. Put prop. in my chest and there was pain, put it in my calves couldn't walk, did lats yestarday and they hurt too. I tried using b-12 that didn't work. Should I use oil? If so how much to cut it by? Did the pain cut down enough to even bother? Not that I can't take the pain, I like it. Just ****s up my baseball swing and I have three games today.


  2. you can use some sterilize oil to cut it down also what I do is mix the prop with whatever other gear I am using... like tren and prop or some other combination. sterilized oil is easy to get or make yourself. Just use something like soybean or peanut if you decide to get yours yourself

  3. how much b12 did you take.....? it usually works.........1ccwill cut the pain for me...

  4. cut 1 ml of prop with 1/2 ml of sterile oi and 1ml of b12. Heat it under the tap and pull the plunger back to the 3ml mark and shake the hell outa it. you now have a pink colored product that you can shoot through a 25 easily and the pain will be much less. I've been using 400 mg/ml prop and it does the trick for this. And I don't know of any prop with a higher concentration.

    Or just stop being a *****. JK


  5. I cut prop with either Fina, or EQ... and have used sterile oil. Whatever I use, I cut it with a 1:1 ratio.

  6. Vut the prop with half the volume of sterile oil. if that does not help go 1:1.

  7. this prop is starting to piss me off, keeps crystalizing and I have to keep boiling it. Sucks. I tried microwaving it to speed up the process but it cooked to the bottom of the vial. I wont tell you what I did next. Has anyone had success microwaving prop? Boiling takes forever. I think my next run will be with enathate. Does that crystalize like prop?

  8. Damn, I never had those issues with prop. LOL, I will take it if your just gonna screw it up by nuking it and stuff

  9. I seriously would not use the microwave on it.. sounds like you don't have enough bb in that gear.. is this a homebrew of yours or premade?
    and I am like Wardog, never have had that kinda issuses with prop..

  10. Pro will crystalize if it doesn't have enough solvent ...that causes the pain

  11. ouch!
    first off NEVER microwave the gear
    second off ALWAYS boil the gear
    third NEVER microwave ur gear

    you need to add more BA/BB to your product. This same thing happen to me when I made my Test BAse (suspension) in oil. It would cryalize on the side of the bottle. so I had to reheat.

    BB=Benzyl benzoate is alot better from keeping the product from crystalizing... but its not a very good solvent so you need alot of ba as well.
    I'd say 15-20% BA, 10% BB would be fine. but if this works for you at that amount might as well keep doing it

    Is this a homebrew for powder? if so what type of oil are you using?

    good luck

  12. 20% BA ?????? Boy I would hate to shoot that!

  13. Originally posted by buyb12
    Pro will crystalize if it doesn't have enough solvent ...that causes the pain
    I have yet to have a bottle of my (homebrew) prop crytalize on me. but cant say it cant happen.
    Pain can come from many things... your product crashed inside of you, you hit a nerve in your calve (i had nothing but bad luck with calve inject aswell as lats) so I tend to stick with Pecs, tri's, bi's glutes, delts.

  14. Originally posted by goes4ever
    20% BA ?????? Boy I would hate to shoot that!
    why is that? Try keeping test suspension into a homegenous suspended soltion without BA being around 20% almost impossible. But the funny thing is people come back for it time and time again.

  15. Originally posted by goes4ever
    20% BA ?????? Boy I would hate to shoot that!
    20% for prop is high That what I use for my oil basew suspension. so yes it would be a tad painful but for the suspension it not.. and Im very surprized but I hit it everyday..

    my prop is 3%-5%BA 7%-12%BB.

  16. ok, I see i thought you said 20% for prop, ouch! 3-5% sounds much more inviting


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