Proposed (first) Cycle

  1. Proposed (first) Cycle

    I have 25cc's (25 shots) of a combination of (Enan, Prop, Deca). Each cc contains
    Enan 150mg
    Prop 75mg
    Deca 75mg

    I am still trying to figure out how I want to take each shot. Meaning every other day or every three days. I came up with with a proposed cycle. I want everyones helpful input. Here is what I came up with.

    Keep in mind the three substances are already mixed there is not picking and choosing what to increase and decrease.

    These are the totals in mg's if:
    Weeks 1-4 are going every other day
    Weeks 5-9 are at every three days

    Enanthate Prop Deca
    1 450 225 225
    2 450 225 225
    3 450 225 225
    4 450 225 225
    5 330 165 165
    6 330 165 165
    7 330 165 165
    8 330 165 165
    9 330 165 165

    nolvadex--on hand
    clomid post cycle therapy-- 300*1d, 100*10d, 50*10days starting 3weeks after last injection.

    I am afraid that this is too much to take for the first cycle but it is what I have and I am going to take it, it is how I take it that will change.

    A little bit about myself: 5'8" 165pds, 6%body fat, about 4000cal/day, lifting aggresively for 1 1/2 years (lifting for 5 years) 25yrs old. I plan to gain size and strength (i hope about 20 pds.)

  2. 225 mg of prop a week will do little if spaced over a three day period if you can just get a flat long ester and inject twice a week 500 mg a week and youve got a great cycle. If not well then its your body but II wouldnt waste my virgin receptors on a cycle like this.

  3. Haaaahahahahha,
    He said virgin.

  4. i have no defense....

  5. I do not think that the mix is set up well at all. That amount of deca is just too low in my opinion.
    That cycle would work though but if i were you i would get a few vials of just test and just deca. 500mg test weekly and 300-400mg deca weekly. Alot easier to follow and keep stable blood levels.



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