smuggling AAS out of the country

  1. Unhappy smuggling AAS out of the country

    Here's the situation. I will have all my gear within the week. The problem is I am going on vacation in what will be two weeks into the cycle if I get starting when i want to. I will be able to work out while I am on vacation

    I will be flying to florida and then taking a cruise to the bahamas a couple of days later. If I have a couple of needles and a few cc's of AAS in my bags (not the carry on) will it get checked and am I at much risk of being caught?

    The other option is to wait about a month untill I get back but then I will have schedule confilics and not beable to devote the amount of time that I want to to lifting since school will be starting up again.

    The best situation would be starting now and not going on vacation but the girlfriend says that is not an option

    Please give me your thoughts. As of right now I am leaning towards waiting (I hope I don't have too)

  2. Wait.. the way the airports are now, checked or not you will stand a chance of getting searched.. .and then you will be up a creek. Just wait, it is safer..

  3. Right, don't take any chances and wit till you get back so you can fully concentrate on your diet, cycle, training and rest. Otherwise you may find yourself somewhere waiting alot longer than a month to strt your next cycle.

  4. Wait it out bro, in jail they give a different kind of injections than the ones you want

  5. Originally posted by d piece
    Wait it out bro, in jail they give a different kind of injections than the ones you want
    excellent point bro

  6. The best thing you can do is wait. Two weeks into a cycle then vacation. Enjoy the vacation you don't want to worry about things like airport security, or is it time for my next shot, yada yada yada.

    It is not going to kill you to wait and be safe.


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