Granite X

  1. Granite X

    Has anyone tried or heard of this superdrol clone by Rockhard Formulations?

  2. I did! I had zero results too. Pretty sure its bunk, or, at least the bottle I got was bunk.

  3. Granit X cycle

    I actually had roid-like effects from just a 4 week cycle of this stuff. With a frame of only 5'4" and 144lbs, I had maxed my genetic weight gain. I tried this and in 4 weeks put on 10lbs. On my pct, I lost only 2lbs. When I cycled again, I shot up to 165, but got mild gyno. I used Formadrol and tribulus for my pct and erased all of that and kept all the weight. Beware though, I have know others of different body types, ie. mesomorphs, that gain nothing. Then again, not everything is for everybody.

  4. I have tried it and with great success. I stacked Granite X with purple wraath, and my size and strenghth gains went through the roof. I met the guy who designed the stuff so decided to try it and it was well worth it. Strength gains are comparable with trenbolone.

  5. Rockhard Formulations has both good reviews and bad. Personally from what I have snuffed up about them, they seem decent, just maybe not the best at quality control. So you could have a great run, or maybe not.

  6. i know several guys that have used designers from them and they all loved their results

  7. what color is ur bottle of granite x?


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