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  1. Question Sd Pulse Bulk - Caloric Intake Help

    HI Guys,

    OK, so I must seem like a complete moron here, but during a Pulse Bulk (fairly clean - limit fat gain), how should the caloric intake look.

    Say for example you take 10mg SD prior to workout and 10mg SD 3 hours later (total 20mg EOD 3x weekly), how long is the anabolic affect of the SD going to last (6hrs, 8hrs, 24 hrs?).

    Simply put when do I need to consume most calories, and should I be eating the most calories on the "off days"? (roughly how many calories on the on and off days?)

    Im looking to start a Pulse cycle 3 weeks from now (just getting blood lipids in check first) and I cant find any info on this.

    Sorry for asking this guys , but I really cant find any info on it. Im used to the "old skool" bulking everyday methods

    Please dont scold me hehe


  2. i am not sure. i would keep calorie intake the same on all days, it might be hard to gain if your cals are on a rollercoaster too. I would think SD stays active for around 8 hours after taking it. Isn't the half-life 6 hours? Anyway it should only be active the day you take it, before you go to sleep.

  3. Thats what I thought, but I was wondering if you should reduce total consumption by 500 cals on the off days (nothing drastic just to reduce any fat gains). ?

    Anyone else have any ideas?

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  5. thats a good question. I think the 500 cal less on non workout days is fine when you aren't doing cardio on non workout days. if you look at it that way, the extra 500 on workout days just covers your energy expenditure in working out

  6. Thanks! I just can't work out if I should consume about 2500 in the 6-8 hour window after takin the Superdrol, or whether it doesn't matter.

    Simple logic would tell me that if I consume say 3500 calories on the "off" pulsing days as well as the 3500 on the "on" days, I'd be gaining mostly fat on the off days.

    I was also wondering if SD still had an effect after the 8 hour active life and taking those extra cals on the off days would still equal lean muscle gains...

    Wish someone could shed some light on this important question..... And help us out

    Reps for any good answers!

  7. Well, your body does continue to heal + grow even after the superdrol is gone. I think too we tend to overthink these things

  8. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    Well, your body does continue to heal + grow even after the superdrol is gone. I think too we tend to overthink these things
    Thanks Man. Dr, D actually had a good answer over on the AX forum. He stated that you should DEFINATELY eat the same calories and increase the protein intake when pulsing anything*.

    Running Retain2 would also help reduce any fat gain.

    Im going to run MFX and SD on the "on" days and HX2 and Retain throughout.

    Reps for your answers though!

    Oh and my GF loves your avatar....reps for that too


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