Forcing 1-test out of solution.

  1. Forcing 1-test out of solution.

    I was thinking of adding some more formestane into my Super One+. I added around 2.5 grams already and everything worked out fine. I have some dmso and wanted to add another gram or so for good measure. I was wondering if it was possible, in this process to somehow force the existing 1-test and 4-ad out of solution. Of course this is not something I'm trying to achieve, but hypatheticaly speaking: If I were to add too much formastane could this happen?

  2. No i don't think so, the powder you add will just not dissolve if anything at all. I don't see the other stuff being taken out of solution.

  3. Good to know. thanx KC

  4. There may be some long detailed explanation of why or why not it would but i have no clue, that's just my opinion so take it as that

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