1500i.u of HGC equals how many i.u. in a 3ml syringe?

  1. Question 1500i.u of HGC equals how many i.u. in a 3ml syringe?

    Just back loaded 1500i.u of HGC into a 3ml syringe. Im planning on pinning 250i.u EOD. How do i figure out this dosage?

  2. If you filled the entire syringe with 1500iu's, then each 1ml is 500iu, .5ml is 250iu.

  3. Hey, Well thats the thing thats puzzling me. On the ampule it says 1500 i.u. When i combined the powder and liquid then back loaded it into a syringe it measured to 1.2 ml. So im confused.

  4. Ok I see the problem. You need to get some Bac. Water and load that pin all the way to the 3cc mark. Ideally, you should shoot what you have into a sterile vial then add enough bactereostatic water to bring it to a total of 3cc's, then pull out only what you need at the time with a slin pin.

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