11-Oxo vs. Anavar

  1. 11-Oxo vs. Anavar

    I've never used 11-Oxo or its clones but have tried Anavar between 20 and 40 mg. dosages. What input can those who have tried both Anavar and 11-Oxo give to the subject. Anavar imparts a great strength gain and a minimal mass increase (+ 1-3 pounds LBM) on a limited calorie diet. (All in about a 1-3 week period) What about 11-Oxo on a maint. or lower calorie diet? What about those who have tried 11-Oxo on a Bulk? This would be interesting. Any input welcome

    Thanks - P951

  2. dude 11-Oxo has only been out for not very long and the chances of someone who's finished a cycle of 11-Oxo and also had anavar experience are very slim

    my apologies if i come across as a party pooper, not my intention to do so


  3. probably - CA

    Chances are very high that we will get multiple responses. 11-OXO is a cortisal blocking, slightly anabolic substance. Those willing to use Anavar are most likely looking at mildly anabolic substances as well. I'm just looking for input before I purchase. My mind has already been made up that I WILL try this. Regardless of whether or not it comes in a clone (which it most likely will - for cost and dosage reasons (150 mg * 3 ) seems to be a logical starting point. I'm just interested in those who have used both. Probably a few actual users and many theories may follow - All are useful though

    Thank you for your thoughtful responses

  4. might get more responses in the steroids subforum than here

  5. Bump to steroid Forum por Favor

  6. looks like you're going to need at least 3 1/2 bottles (basically 4 bottles) to get a really decent 5 week run at it

    good luck

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