Superdrol expiration and freezing

  1. Superdrol expiration and freezing

    I'm getting my hands on some superdrol that's expiring in a few months.

    If I put them in a freezer before the end of the year that will extend their shelf life correct?

    Now, if I put them in the freezer and use them 6 months down the road, do I leave them in the freezer while I use them?

  2. I refuse to let this thread sink to the bottom.

  3. I don't think it will matter much either way if you are only talking 6 months after expiration

  4. Freezing will expand their life by roughly how long?

    I just threw out 6 month as a random

  5. no one really has done studies on it that I know of. I would guess at least a year.

  6. I see. Thanks for the input

  7. Wait, do I need to put them in a vacuum seal bag or can I just throw the bottle in?

  8. in theory it shouldn't matter as its not oxidation thats the problem, but everyone suggests vacuum bags

  9. EasyEJL is cool, the rest of you 60 thread view bastards suck!

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  10. Quote Originally Posted by In Hulk View Post
    Wait, do I need to put them in a vacuum seal bag or can I just throw the bottle in?
    No need to vaccum seal. Just throw them in the freezer in the bottle and you should get at least a few more years if not more out of them. Many of these expiration dates are fairly leaniant in their actual time frame of expiration that is stated on the bottles.

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