My upcoming winter lean bulk (U guys gotta check this out)

  1. My upcoming winter lean bulk (U guys gotta check this out)

    *****This is for entertainment purposes only, freakboy is a fictional character.******

    ok guys, i been off cycle for 9 months but here it is.... My fifth AAS cycle. i'm 200lbs, 11% bf. gonna try DC training on this...

    weeks 3-8 igf-lr3 @ 40mcg/ eod
    weeks 1-4 Test Suspension 100mg/ pre workout
    weeks 1-4 Anapolon 100mgs/day (iranian a-bombs )
    weeks 1-18 Test Cyp 600mg/week
    weeks 1-13 Tren En 400mg/week (1st time w/ long est. tren) loved ace tho
    weeks 14-18 Inj Winny Suspension 50mgs/day

    lemme knwo what u think guys

  2. everything looks good but what kind of pct you going to run??


  3. i'll run HCG a month before pct and for pct i'll just use torimifene and igf and maybe slin if i feel confident enough to take the dive you can never be too knowledgable while using it...

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