Levothyroxine....what Are The Risks???

  1. Levothyroxine....what Are The Risks???

    So... I Have Access To A Large Amount Of Levothyroxine...i Am Not Too Familliar With The Stuff Other Then The Fact That It Is Synthetic T4... There Are Several Bottles At Different Doses I Can Get My Hands On(all Prescription).... What Do All You Think About This Substance?..
    Are There Risk Of Permanetly Damaging My Throid Even At Low Dose?
    How Long Should It Be Run?
    And What Should Be My Major Concern While Taking This?...

    Im Looking To Cut A Little Body Fat Before I Start The Next Cycle... And Again After I Finish It...any Help Would Be Greatly Apprciated...

  2. Tons of info already on this site. They will answer all of your questions.

  3. Yeah I Saw That... Just Curious Ass Too What You All Thought...i Have Been Pretty Impressed With The Quality Of Info I Get From Some Of The Regulars On Here... The Search Function Has Def Been Utilized...

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