6oxo,when to take

  1. 6oxo,when to take

    i just finished my 1ad and 4ad stack (600mg of 1ad and 500mg of 4ad oral for 3 weeks) and I am 1 week into 3alpha solo, got about a week left. im gonna take 6oxo (asap). i think i have the dosages figured out...
    week 1- 600mgs
    week 2- 500mgs
    week 3- 300mgs
    my question is when im taking 600-500mgs of the 6oxo surely i dont take all of the dosage at night? do i split it evenly throughout the day or what? thanks guys

  2. Actually you do take it all at night and the dosages should be:

    2 bottles
    Week 1-600mgs/day
    Week 2-400mgs/day
    Week 3-400mgs/day
    Week 4-300mgs/day

    1 bottle I would go with
    400mgs for 15 days.

  3. thanks, i actuallly have 2 bottles so im good to go

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