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  1. Question 1st Cycle

    hey, just after some advice on my first cycle

    due to the fact i live in the wonderous country of australia where anything that works is indeed illegal and customs jumps up and down at the sudden attempt to import even things like Gaba i need some good advice on the limited juice i can get.

    from what i know i can get my hands on sustanon 250, deca, winny tabs and possibly d-bol but due to financial circumstances prob have to limit it at deca and sustanon

    i m 5'11 215 pounds 3 + years of training good diet and good training schedule but seem to have leveled off at this weight

    i was thinking sustanon @ 250mg per week and deca @ 500mg per week for 8 weeks?? but to be honest i have very limited knowledge of doses

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated thanks.

  2. can you get nolva or clomid?

  3. yeh can get a hold of both luckily

  4. Since its your first cycle, 500mg sust a week for 12 weeks would be a v.good choice

    Stick to one compound for your first cycle, if you want a little extra kick the second time around, add deca in at 300mg a week

  5. alright sounds good man thanks for your help!

    for pct what dosages would you reckon? i might see if i can get some Clenbuterol too



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