Excited about 2nd cycle, but some advice please...

  1. Excited about 2nd cycle, but some advice please...

    Hi guys, I am really looking forward to starting my second cycle but I wanted a little advice before I get ready. My goals are I want to gain muscle and mass, and then later on go on a cutting cycle. My first cycle was about 2 years ago now, I did a common cycle of test enan, w/ deca, & d-bol for about 6 weeks. I made good gains, and handled it well. I am 28 years old, weigh 220lbs and have been lifting for about 10 years. I wanted to know if you guys think it is a good idea to do a similar cycle, or change it up with maybe sustanon. Of course I threw away the old anabolics because it has been so long. Thanks in advance.

  2. i would do the exact same cycle except like this
    weeks 1-5 dbol 40mg
    weeks 1-14 test e 500-750mg
    weeks 1-13 deca 400-500mg

    i don't see much of a need for sust but if u wanna use it make sure u pin it EOD to get benefit of all of the esters.

  3. i'd to something similar to the one proposed

    500mg of test E will be fine, no need to go exceed this amount for a second cycle

    Do a 12 or 14 week cycle, a 12 weeker would go like;

    weeks 1-12 = 500mg test E
    weeks 1-11 = 300mg deca
    weeks 1-4 = 30mg Dbol

  4. TBH i am a firm believer in using as little as possible to good effect

    I know plenty of people who grow v.well off of 300mg deca (with test). Not saying that 400mg is outrageously high though

  5. Thanks, some good advice, much appreciated.



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