trans question

  1. trans question

    i am thinking of running a trans cycle..

    outside of the hormones, what are the basic ingredients i need.

    like gels, dmso, etc.

    what are the best places to buy this stuff.

    i would like to run 700mg/day 1,4ad and
    and 600mg/day 1-test.

    i already have some t-1 final and have yet to try it.. maybe i can just mix the 1,4ad in the bottle as well.... but then again i am thinking about the bloat that comes along with 4ad.. dont want that.. so i am thinking a 1,4ad and 1-test cycle would be the best bet.



  2. If your going to brew yourself we have an entire section here devoted to that and get your products from

  3. thanks!.. but..

    isnt there a gel or premade lotion out there.. like the lotion used in the t-1final product. from there i guess all i need to do is spill and go.


  4. Yeah you can get BDC's gel. Its easy that way bro. Just go to the member store, link is above, and buy it.

  5. the store is closed..

    any other suggestions?


  6. Originally posted by rhatid
    the store is closed..

    any other suggestions?

    Have to wait or buy a premade.


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