Prohormone/Steroid Stack- Please help

  1. Prohormone/Steroid Stack- Please help

    I was considering the possibilities of running H-Drol, Propadrol, and Bold200 on a 4-week cycle, and adding a moderate dose of Winstrol stacked with a low dose of Deca (Deca to keep the joints lubed and the Winstrol to really lean up) on week 4 until about week 8. Thanks to this forum, I now know that I will need a prescription anti-e like Nolvadex after the Winny. Was always under the impression that the Winny didn't need an anti-e, as it was only very mildly androgenic, but will invest in the extra insurance anyhow.

    I've used h-drol/bold stacks in the past with good success, and have been training very hard for the pasts 10 years. Bodyfat is at about 9 to 10%, and I weigh 190 lbs. Always just used OTC anti-e like Inhibit-E, an OTC cortisol blocker like ReduceXT, and an OTC trib like Blue-Up as my PCT. Now that I plan to add the big boys, as well as a third pro-hormone, I would like someone else's insight on this topic- anyone been there before? ???

  2. You might want to post this in the Steroid forum.

  3. I'm no expert but if you can get your hands on winny you should add some test. Better yet pick up some tren, run a med-low dose w/prop and ditch the orals. Wtv the case I know i'll never run another cycle without test. And just curious but why are you cutting when your bf % is already 9-10%? Are you short? At 190 why don't you add more mass?

    Yeah if its your first pinning cycle forget the tren. But definately get some test. Run a real cycle and you will not regret it. Google "tamoxifen research chemicals" and forget about getting a prescription too. Cost you like 20$. You really need to read up on deca though bro. Good luck.

  4. The cutting with Winny/Deca plan was for AFTER the 3-4 weeks of the prohormones, which tend to get one stronger, bigger, but also a bit softer. I've never tried stacking all three together, so who knows this time. Also, I thought that the Winny with a mild Deca mix would add hardness, vascularity, and definition, as well as setup a good recovery/PCT phase.

    The reason for no test was because adding size is not a major concern at this time- getting slightly larger and keeping vascularity/leanness are what's important. I don't know about the rest of you, but any amount of Test just makes me lose hair like crazy, and I don't see the need for it based on my goals right now.

    Really I am just thinking of ways to stack/bridge products that have worked individually in the past, hoping to see better results with them working together.
  5. Question anyone else have some input?

    Has anyone else have some knowledge of stacking/bridging OTC prohormones and Winny/Deca?



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