1st test cycle, whata u think

  1. 1st test cycle, whata u think

    sust. 250mgs per week for 10 weeks 2 seperate pins per week.

    i'm 24, 6'2, 235 at 10-12% bf.

    i've done a phera-max cycle and a havoc/superdrol cycle. gained over 15lbs on each cycle. kept it all (so ya diet and training are in check.)

    i was thinking of maybe kickstarting the cycle with sd or maybe even havoc although i hear i dont need to kickstart sust due to the prop in it.

    i have nolva for pct of course.

    i'm a pinning noob as i've never done it. any suggestions would be great

  2. Wait, so you're doing 2 separate injections of 125mg each per week?

  3. thats what i was thinking as of now. what do u guys suggest. i'm a noob

  4. Do you already have the sust? If not I would suggest running Test-E @ 500mg per week for 10-12 weeks. IMO 250mg of test is pretty low. Others will chime in though.

  5. i've read that noobs can make substantial gains off of 250 a week. i am also a noob to pinning, but i'm going to do 500 a week. but that's just me

  6. what are the prices like. my friend said 220 for a 10 weeker of sust at 250mg per week.

    why would u suggest test e over sust?

    i'm not asking for a mapped out cycle. i've ran cycles. just a couple questions

  7. price discussion aint allowed, so edit your post.

    test E is a less painful injection than sust, and 'usually' cheaper

  8. +1
    test E is my first cycle, cleaning up with clomid and then a run of clen to clean the fat.
    testE is the reccommend first for a reason- so just follow protocol and go from there. OTC stuff is nothing like a real cycle.
    I wish I would have saved my money buying the OTC and just went with the real deal first off.... makes me sick to think of all that cash I spent.

  9. Test E allow for a more stable level of hormone in your system, which is important for maximum gains. Also, what is your plan for PCT?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  10. nolva, test boosters, paravol. i have testostro grow which has a few things in it besides trib.

    test E it is. so 500 a week 250 per injection is the sweet spot eh? start with SD?

  11. Frontloading with sdrol isn't too common, someone correct me if I'm wrong? If this is your first cycle I would just stick with the test. You'll be more than impressed with the results.

  12. agreed- pin 250x2/week and call it good for the first cycle. Don't go overboard with stuff until you know what your body is going to do with it.
    I would not pre with sdrol, not for my first.


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