My first transdermal cycle, need some help

  1. My first transdermal cycle, need some help

    I've been doing research on T1 Final and T1 Pro, and I'm not sure which one to buy. I'm on a cutting cycle right now, diet is CKD. I bulked up earlier in the year using 4AD and 1,4 and high calories for an 8 week cycle. I put on 28 lbs (from 176 - 204 and I'd never been above 200 before) and had really good strength increases. Started cutting and I've lost about 16lbs so far. I'm pretty sure it's mostly fat and water cause my old pants fit well again and I'm starting to see my abs. I've lost some strength too so I want to start gaining some lean mass and strength.
    I'm planning on a 4 week cycle, with Nolva for post. From what I've read Final would be my best bet but I like what I hear about Pro. Would the Final be best for now and go with the Pro for teh winter bulk, cause I'd like to do a 6-8 week cycle then.
    Also, will I need 1 or 2 bottles of Final for 4 weeks?
    Sorry if this seems like a repeat of ther posts, I just want to do it right.

  2. I'd do T-1 Pro if cutting is your goal. It should be enough 4-AD in the T-1 Pro to help libido and prevent lethargy for most people. T-1 Final can also be used for cutting, it has a 1:1 ration of 1-Test to 4-AD, you may want to use some Liquidex/Arimidex to control bloat and estrogen from the 4-AD

  3. Originally posted by LHDan

    will I need 1 or 2 bottles of Final for 4 weeks?
    Depends on the dosing that you plan on doing. Moderate dosing - 2ml twice per day - you will need only one bottle. Higher dosing will require a second bottle.

  4. Thanks guys, I did some more reading too and decided to go with the T1 Pro, my cycle will be 4 on/4 off/4 on, seems to be the consensus around here. I ordered some nolva too, I'll post my cycle once it starts.

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