Starting my first PH cycle - comments wanted

  1. Starting my first PH cycle - comments wanted

    Well, after several weeks of reading, I'm getting ready to run my first PH cycle.

    I decided with using t-1 Pro. I know most first-timers use t-1 final, but I'm giving this a shot.

    I will be doing the moderate dosing of 2Ml twice a day for 4 weeks, off 4 weeks. If I had good results, I will finish off the bottle in another 4 week cycle.

    I'm going to run a light dosing of .5Ml of Nolvadex during the cycle.

    My post cycle plans is using Clomid at this dosing:
    4mL ED for a week (28 total mL)
    2mL ED for a week (14 total mL)
    1mL ED for a week (7 total mL)

    I'm planning on starting this Saturday. I don't lift until Monday, so I'll have a couple of days of just using the PH. I will also be weighing and taking a picture of myself every Sat. morning. I already keep detailed logs of my workout. So, hopefully through this I will be able to determine how much of an increase I will actually get from the PH.

    I would love any comments / suggestions. Oh, if you need my stats:
    Age: 23
    Height: 6'3"
    weight: Around 210

  2. Nolvadex is not needed during cycle unless gyno symptoms appear. You're not gonna have any bloat really from the little 4-ad.

  3. The reason I was going to use it was from the little bloat and to prevent any gyno. If you think it is fine to wait until something bad pops up, then I'll not use the nolva during.

    I guess that leads to a question...using .5ml everyday during a cycle, is that enough to prevent gyno/bloat problems...and would it have any real affect on the outcome of the PH cycle?

  4. I'll bump this for a pro in this area as i don't come close~

  5. IMO, from what I have heard from others, you won't really have much bloat so you won't really need nolv. and using it during your cycle could hinder your results. IMO, keep in case something bad pops (I am sure and I hope nothing does) up like Kitchen Chemist said. Then initiate your post cycle upon completion.

  6. I'm taking .5ml/day of nolva during my T1 Pro cycle to try and subside puffy nipples. I don't believe it is hindering my gains but I am also taking a very small dose. It also doesn't seem to be doing anything for my puffy nipples. Having it handy and ready to go should be sufficient in case something pops up.

  7. I've been taking 60mg a day for the past 10 days dammit! Don't have a clue if it's hindering gains as i'm cutting but i had lumpy feeling in one of my nips and it's just about gone.


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