getting back into the game..need help on my cycle..

  1. getting back into the game..need help on my cycle..

    curently 29yrs old.. been on and off gear for about 3-4 years now. was up to 205 @ 5% bf at my peak. Got married had a baby and priorities were family . now im ready to get back into it again. at about 178 now but still lean and strong and looking to put on quality Lbm. Ive always had issues when i took test , didnt like the estrogen problems it gave me. always like winny and deca never gave me issues. when threw my bag of trcks and still have non expired gear left. i wanted to get more but do to all the issues this week with the new crackdown everywhere everyone is down till **** calms down. so heres what i got and please give me your opinion on cycling what i got. Ive always like shorter cycles cuz after 6 weeks or so my gains were relatively slow.

    10cc of 300mg/ml deca
    72pills of 10mg halotestin
    64 pills of 20mg winny
    60 pills of 10mg superdrol
    42 pills of .5mg arimidex
    40 pills of 20mg nolva

    10,ooo iu of hcg

    cycle thoughts are:

    500mg deca ew for 6 weeks
    30mg halotestin ed for first 3 weeks
    40mg winny ed for last 3 weeks
    .5mg ed of arimidex
    500 iu e3d of hcg for last 4 weeks
    40mg nolva ed for week 7
    20mg ed for week 8

    milk thistle ed for 10weeks 1 week before starting cycle and 1 week after ending cycle.

    ofcourse will be eating atleast 300-400g protein per day and around 4000 calories and using creatine and multivitamins.

    workout is sound and good. I am a big beleiver of high intensity ,low volume exercise. but will up volume during cycle and adding weight to every workout . "go heavy or go home"

    Thoughts and opinions wanted.. thanx



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