Second cycle, opinions welcome

  1. Second cycle, opinions welcome

    First I'd like to say I have a great deal of respect for this board, lots of awesome info. With that said, I would appreciate your 2 cents on my second cycle. I am 5'10" 175 lbs. 30 yrs. about 12-14%bf.I am also a hard gainer, but I am sure half of that was because of a lack of knowledge and desire over the years. Mt first cycle cosisted of:

    Test Cyp-500mg week = 10 weeks
    Deca -400mg week = 10 weeks
    D-bol -30 mg/day = 4 weeks

    Results 22lbs
    Recovery = clomid 50 mg/day for 5 weeks

    I started a PH cycle of T-1 Pro, 4 squirts a day and 400mg of 1,4 diol. Well I got my sticky fingers on some more good stuff. Heres where your opinions are much needed. My new cycle will consist of:

    Test enth = 500 mg/week for 10 weeks
    Eq = 500 mg/week for 10 weeks

    Because of the long lasting nature of these products I am jump starting this cycle with two weeks of the PH I specified above. I am eating about 3500 cals/ day and about 250-300g protein. Watching fats and sugars goes without saying. Any input?

  2. looks pretty good to me.. nice simple cycle.. and looks like a good plan.. when are you planning to start this one? Just wondering

  3. Actually I am a week into the transdermals, and my start of the other will be next week. Thanks for the reply

  4. it will take about 4-6 weeks to notice anything on the enan and eq. I'd have started the enan and eq the same week as the PH, and run it for 4 weeks.

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  5. Id up the eq to 600mg a week, imo. Best of luck



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