ok to slightly interupt t1-final cycle?

  1. ok to slightly interupt t1-final cycle?

    I am starting a 6 week T-1 Final cycle in a few weeks... but 2 weeks into the cycle I'm going to the ocean for a few days, and 3 weeks into the cycle I am going to Canada for a few days.

    I've learned by experience that I can't layer a sunscreen over a transdermal (makes the sunscreen ineffective and I burn like crazy). and I don't know the legal implications of taking a PH through customs...

    Is it gonna mess with my cycle gains if I just take a few days off at the end of week 2 and week 3, or am I just over-thinking the problem?

  2. If you haven't started your cycle just wait until you're done taking trips, it makes things less complicated for you that way

  3. Guess I should have added... I'm starting the cycle when I am so that cycle + recovery + short cutting cycle ends right about the time I have to look my best for a show I'm performing in around Halloween. I guess I could squeeze everything together - cut the cycle to 5 weeks, layer the beginning of the cut onto the end of the recovery... or just do a 1-AD cycle instead of going transderm...

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