Epistane or Haladrol 50 for 1st cycle??

  1. Epistane or Haladrol 50 for 1st cycle??

    This will be my first 'Real' PH cycle.

    I have 2 bottles of Epistane and 2 bottles of a Hal 50 clone.

    I have all the info about both, and know how to run each cycle, but Im just not sure which is the best to run first (if it does matter at all)

    I am 30 yrs old, 6'1 200lbs, and am looking to put on as much size as possible. Im not interested in getting ripped until I have put on alot more size. So size and strength are the main goals for this initial cycle.

    I know epi is a 'dry' compound, and Im not really conserned with drying out. Thats why Im leaning towards Halo, but Im not 100% on this decision

    Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated and needed.

    Thans in advance.

  2. halodrol is also a very dry compound...neither is going to put a TON of mass on
    i don't think it matters much either way...just make sure u have liver/cycle support as these are both methylated and use a SERM for ur post cycle therapy

  3. I think u will be fine using either one for ur first run.

    Mfb, dude looking big bro, DC doing u right

  4. thanx unc...i did a 6 week blast and it was great
    i started getting some tenderness in my rotator so i'm off DC and those heavy a$$ weights for a month or so but i'll be back on it soon

  5. I think Im going to go with the Haladrol. After I do 2 cycles of that, then Ill go to the Epistane.

    After Im done with that , which will be over a year from now, Ill do a Tes E only cycle.:bb3:



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