New Inkjet Technology - (Replaces hypodermic needles)

  1. New Inkjet Technology - (Replaces hypodermic needles)

    Science: HP Uses Inkjet Tech to Replace Hypodermic Needles - Gizmodo

    HP has figured out a way to make their inkjet technology a bit more versatile: by getting it to inject drugs into humans. Yep, HP is looking to replace hypodermic needles with their inkjet technology in a method reminiscent of nicotine patches. HP is licensing a patch with up to 90,000 microneedles per square inch which could then inject drugs into a patient either over time or when certain conditions (i.e. blood pressure) are met. It would allow injections to be much more precise, which is good. Also, you wouldn't need to get injected with a big scary needle anymore, which would also be good.

    What do you guys think is the potential application for this in terms of ph's, steroids, etc? Anybody see this as being the next-gen of enhancement?

  2. It doesn't sound like you can load your own compounds. Chemicals would have to be embedded at the factory.

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