Whats new in the world of Designer Steroids?

  1. Whats new in the world of Designer Steroids?

    I have a couple bottles of Superdrol in my freezer, was thinking about running a cycle again. It has been so long since I posted, was wondering if in new info or ideas about this stuff have come out in the last year or so, and for that matter can someone give me a quick run down on the latest designer compounds I've missed?

  2. COme join the "Epi" party!

  3. send me ur superdrol bottles !

  4. superdrol is still king IMO

  5. SD is KING. end of story!

  6. I tried Halovar by Purus Labs, a Halodrol-50 clone, for 1 month followed by Epistane for another 3 weeks. I experienced good strength gains with minimal side effects. I've had some minimal acne, minimal testicular atrophy and some mood swings. I just injured my shoulder so we'll see if I can keep the gains since I have to take a week or more off.

    I don't recommend Halovar because It is expensive. H-Drol is the same compound for $15 less.

    I am definately going to try S-Drol next.

  7. dont try s-drol, just get the m-drol bro. CEL is on top of the clones these days


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