Drug testing

  1. Drug testing

    I have applied for a new job for a big company that does drug testing....will a substance like M-Drol show up as a barbiturate.
    I really need help here...thanks

  2. no...it's not a barbiturate.

  3. Could i get a little more feed back on this subject.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by pman View Post
    Could i get a little more feed back on this subject.
    The only way that they're gonna "catch" you taking M-Drol is by sending your sample to a lab that tests for steroids. If they do that then they can not test them for all the "party" drugs...so it's really unlikely that they're gonna test for that.

    And the reason that I put quotes around the word "catch" is because M-Drol is not illegal.

  5. I was on probation for 5 years and got tested all the time, and in that time I took all kinds of gear, orals and injectable....nothing ever showed up. They only test for certain drugs, nothing else.

  6. Shouldn't be any problems unless they are specifically testing for steroids.. But, its pretty unlikely that they are doing so. And... it's definitely not a barbituate.

  7. Hola Juangutierres como esta Jose ?


    dont worry with the drug testing OP when you get tested for drugs they only test for the metabolites of drugs, they dont test every chemical found on your urine

  8. [QUOTE=Zombie;997284]Hola Juangutierres como esta Jose ?

    lol, the only spanish I know is "where is the pharmacy".....and I don't know how to spell it

  9. Thanks bros....that was what i was looking for.....and no offence chuckbooty but its nice to hear it from more than one person


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