HCG stupid question

  1. HCG stupid question

    If you dont open the amp how long is HCG good for? If you dont open it can you just store it in a cool dark drawer for instance? I did a search btw.

  2. okay 8 views with no answer...i guess it really is a stupid question.

    I just wonder if i had these in bulk would it be ok to keep unrefridgerated or will that degrade it?

  3. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but I believe as a powder in it's original amp you are good for 24 months from the make date.


  4. BUMP, would like to know as well

  5. okay i got it. it has a 36 month shelf life. He is a link on HCG http://www.organon.com.cy/authfiles/...350_187140.pdf



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