Rebuilding from injury

  1. Rebuilding from injury

    In July, I had surgery to repair a broken humerus that I got from arm wrestling. I have been lifting light weights for a while now, but the doctor has now cleared me to start back lifting heavy. My right arm obviously much weaker than it was before the break. If anyone has experience with something like this, do you think it is better to do a cycle to try to rebuild my strength or to wait until I get back to normal strength for a cycle? Thanks in advance for the info.

  2. In the meantime you may wanna check out something like IGF-1 or oratropin for healing effects.

  3. I have alot of experience in this area.
    Take it slow. If you cycle now, your muscle growth is going to outpace your ligament and connective tissues ability to keep up.
    If your not careful you fall victim to the trend of accumulated damage where injuries compound into other injuries.
    Connective tissues and ligaments are all going to need time to toughen up to the increased workload. Include some mild stretching into your routine to increase your ROM and stretch out the fascia of your muscles. Besides, stretching is a great way to check out the hot *****es that are warming up for the spin class. With time your broken arm will wind up tougher than the other.

    A good way to work your muscles with the same or increased intensity as the really heavy stuff you were used to is to vary your tempo. Use lighter weight and really slow down the movement on the eccentric portion of the lift. Get a really good mind muscle connection. Don't heave weight, really focus.

    Change it up every three weeks to keep the muscles guessing and then work your way back up to the heavy weights. You know the funny thing is, alot of pretty big guys are really not all THAT strong and don't even lift their max on a regular basis. They are really good at building muscle without the super heavy lifts, you should be able to put this principle to work as well.

    Good Luck

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