M-Drol Cycle Review

  1. M-Drol Cycle Review

    I have 2 days left of CEL M-Drol, and just thought I should post a review of my cycle...I am 21 years old, currently 223 lbs.(210 before cycle), 6'5". I have to say for a first cycle this stuff was great. I have been reading around the forums for a while...and was a little worried about the sides from this particular PH, but I can honestly say I haven't felt any major sides, no gyno, no decreased libido...actually an increase in libido...I didn't gain much size but my muscles feel so much harder and fuller, I gained a little bit of flub around the abs...not worried about it though...slight water retention(nothing a sauna cant fix)... I have had great pumps while at the gym, I have not experienced the almost painful back pump that I read alot about...the only noticeable side was some slight acne and more oily skin...nothing Acne Free couldn't control(this stuff was great) check it out...you can get it at any publix, cvs, walgreens, its just like proactiv...really helped with the acne...

    This was my first cycle so I really didnt want to just jump into a high does of the stuff so I started slow at 10mgs/day for weeks 1-2, then went to 20mgs/day for the last 2 weeks. This was a very clean bulk...no junk food. Tons of chicken, egg whites, whole grain breads and pastas, and fish.

    Other supplements I am usingwhile on cycle: cycle support, supercissus rx, animal pak, super pump 250,

    My post cylce will consist of: Nolvadex(tamoxifen citrate), cycle support, supercissus rx, A.L.R.I. restore, hypertest, super pump 250 and sizeon

    If you have any comments on my cycle that I could have done better please let me hear them...any thing else I should have in my arsenal for next cycle?

    I also would like to thank everyone that consistently post...there are alot of you guys and I really appreciate it... I think this cycle has gone very smooth... 2 days left with a gain of 13 lbs...I hope to keep at least 8lbs of it... I purchased H-Drol with the M-Drol...so that will be my next cycle...of course a few months down the road... I am not rushing anything...I have read alot of good things about H-Drol so I am excited about that in the next several months.

    Again thank you to all the consistent posters here...you helped more than you know with devising this cycle.

  2. How did ur pct go?

  3. How fast did you feel the 10 mg dosage? I noticed you stated that you will be doing Hdrol and Mdrol for your next cycle? Do you have an idea of how you would be running that? curious?

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