How long till the next cycle?

  1. Question How long till the next cycle?

    I was wondering, after one is done with a PH cycle of a month and takes the next month for PCT. Could one start a new different PH cycle or should one wait a bit longer? How much time in avg?

  2. time off equals time on buddy. that means operating normally. you dont want to just keep going on cycle, pct, oncycle, pct. you're not giving your body a chance to function naturally that way.

  3. Generally, before you start another cycle, you shloud have completed:

    Stage1: ON PH (in your example, 1 month)
    Stage2: PCT (in your example, 1 month)
    Stage3: Natural recovery (usually taken as Stage1+Stage2)

    So, in your example of 1 month on PH and 1 month PCT, you should give your body 2 months minimum of recovery before you do your next PH.

  4. Blood tests would help too. You know you can be feeling fine and fully recovered post cycle, but there can be things going on under the surface. Cholesterol levels, hormones, even blood pressure can really get out of whack.

  5. i would have the time on cycle plus the time on pct and sometimes another month on top depending on the ph, so thats 3 months and like azr said if you can get some blood tests done to make sure you cant go wrong, sometimes i just have pct + time on cycle of,

  6. Smile

    hey thanks guys, the info provided helped me a lot.


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