Superdrol and/or Pheraplex Pulse IDEA Yeah, No, or Maybe?

  1. Superdrol and/or Pheraplex Pulse IDEA Yeah, No, or Maybe?

    Moderate experience with gear and OTC's. Diet is always on point, as well as supp's. Recently finished a Superdrol/Pheraplex/Finigenx Magnum stack with excellent results and minimal sides. Been off for a few weeks, and I'm not opposed to staying off for a few more months, but I've got leftovers of Superdrol and Pheraplex that I'm itching to jump back on. Liver, kidney, cholesterol profiles all doing fine from bloodwork. That being the case, how soon would be too soon to get back on for a smalltime pulse on SD, PP or both? I'm thinkin something like week one to two, 3-4 times a week PP at a 30mg dose with appropriate off day supps, Week three to four off, weeks five to six same as one to two again, weeks seven to eight off... Am I way off here, or could it work?

  2. Oh, stats... 29yo, 229lbs, 6'0, 12-14%BF.

  3. Bumpin up for some help guys.

  4. did you do PCT? im thinking not...

  5. Yes Piston, all appropriate PTC, and have kept approximately 85% of the gains. I've had to modify my training schedule to a much less intensive schedule, so I think the gains can be interpreted as lasting lean gains. LOL, by the time a get a response to my thread, another week passes, and then another and another. Perhaps by the next time I'll be at a safer restart point. But any suggestions in the meantime would be very helpful.

  6. okay.

    i know the background now whats the question? List it out so its easier to read too.

  7. Thanks for the help brother. Here are my questions, laid out better:

    1) Completed a SD/PP/Finigenx Magnum stack 4 weeks ago. Did all the right post cycle work, had minimal sides during and after, including good bloodwork results.

    2) Have my hands on tons of leftovers, and am anxious to get started on some more lean muscle gain using a combination of SD/PP. I'd consider Epistane stacked with either of these two, but since I already have SD and PP and I respond very well to them, that's my preference.

    3) My plan is the following PULSE idea:

    EIGHT WEEK PLAN, same dosages all the way through: 20mg SD plus 15mg PP pre-workout / 10mg SD plus 15mg PP post workout on workout days

    This would be a smaller dosage than my previous cycle, which in hindsight was probably overkill. I took as much care to protect my liver/kidneys/cholesterol values as I could.

    QUESTION 1: Is 4 weeks absolutely too short of a break, given that I will be pulsing this next one? Or could it be done safely with the right protectants?

    QUESTION 2: I will be running a test booster all the way through. Should I run this just on training days, or all throughout?

  8. Bump for some guidance.

  9. LOL, am I a leper? Are my questions not good enough?

  10. so you will just take the orals on workout days? Im not an expert or a avid follower of the pulsing method but i would say

    1. you will be okay but more time off is always better for recovery. bloodwork is the only real way to tell if test levels are back. If you did a good pct then you could go into this right after.

    2. Depends on what youre taking and how much money you got.

    3. checkout DR. D's pulsing thread here, thats where you need to be reading.


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