Poll: What were your gains on pulse?

Results from four week pulse epi cycles

  1. Results from four week pulse epi cycles

    Please post your results i am very curious.

  2. 4 weeks is kind of short for a pulse cycle isn't it? I'd just run straight through if you only wanna go 4 weeks.

  3. 4 weeks is short, my cycle is more of an experiment for me to see how this pulsing method works. If I get good gains I may extend pulse for a few more weeks. I havew heard of alot of people opting for four week pulses.

  4. how are the sides of a 4 week pulse? I would like to do another cycle during my rugby season but the sides ended my season early (partially torn hammy, and broken wrist).

  5. I just started mine about four days ago, but I'll keep you updated on my sides/results.

  6. I gained 8 pounds on a light 6 week pulse of epi.
    The strength gains weren't that crazy, but definitely a boost.

    I'm going to run another 6 weeker but maybe just do 40mg for the whole time.

    Do you guys feel like 40mg 3x a week would be better then say 30mg but 4x a week?
    I can't decide on that.


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