Trying to plan next cycle...what do you think?

  1. Trying to plan next cycle...what do you think?

    I have been off now for three months, and im not planning on getting on for at least a couple more months but i was wondering what you people could come up with from your endless plethora of knowledge.

    my last cycle went like this:
    test [email protected]/wk(15 wks)
    [email protected]/wk(15 wks)
    d-bol 50mg/ed(7 wks)
    anavar 20mg/ed(last 7 wks after d-bol)
    test prop 100mg/eod(20 days)

    i had solid gains from this and i went from 280 with 23% bf to 315 and 20% bf.

    i was just wondering if i should repeat this or if you have advice on how i can tweak this i would really appreciate it.

  2. You should do a cut cycle with test and tren

  3. Well the last time i did tren i didnt see any cutting, but then again i stacked it high test and eq. i dont think im ready to cut up yet. im scared of losing all that size. im just used to being big. i know i would look bigger cut but i like the overall size. i would however like to get down to like 15% does anyone think i should run a cutter at the end of my bulking?

  4. thats some high dose per ml stuff, is it painful? I say you dont bulk, just try to stay at your present weight and drop some fat.

  5. yeah the test 500 can hurt if you dont mix it with something. the eq i never had a problem with. so if you think i should not bulk, what do you think i should run?

  6. Test and EQ again if you like with anavar or winstrol and an AI to keep off to much water. you ever use t3 or t4? maybe some clen. Mainly just keep your calories around your maintenance and not higher.

  7. no this was not my first cycle, and yeah i had solid gains. i went to 305 when i got off but i think most of it was water. i have been debating what to do for a while now. i have never used t3 or t4 and i have never taken clen or winny. i have recently been trying to follow a stricter diet and have maintained strength and lost a few more lbs. but im still perplexed on what my next move should be.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Gixxer82 View Post
    So that wasn't your first cycle and you still gained 35 lbs?

    Masteron I believe is good for cutting
    41 lbs in 15 weeks because his BF % went down.

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